Voters talk about upcoming primary election

MILWAUKEE- Presidential candidates invaded Wisconsin this week.  For many voters, it didn't matter what they said. 

"My mind was already made up," said Pastor William Harris, Kenosha.

Others are still debating, like John Rayhorse of Bayview. 

"I am 95% of the way there," said Rayhorse. "I'm a constitutional conservative.  I think I'd be a hypocrite if I didn't say that I think that somebody like Ted Cruz would be best for the country right now." 

Listening to candidates campaign close to home helped some voters reach a decision.

"I think every one of them has said things that I like and things that I don't like," said Susan Wright, Wauwatosa. "So I think that that's probably how I ended up at this time voting for Bernie because I think that there is real change there that we're hungry for."

Jacqueline Harris of Milwaukee had her eyes on the candidates this week even though she has a front runner. 

"I pretty much knew who I was going to vote for," said Harris. 

Listening to speeches confirmed her vote for Hillary. 

"Because she's a woman and I think that's another stepping stone to breaking history," explained Harris.

Some voters wish candidates would stick to the issues.

"I don't like the bashing that everyone's doing about Wisconsin politics," Hasani Kidd, Milwaukee.

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