TSA Pre-Check Center Temporarily Available At Mitchell International

MILWAUKEE -- For two weeks only, you can apply for TSA Pre-Check at Mitchell International Airport.

Pre-Check allows you to go through security without taking off shoes, light coats, with your liquids and laptop in your bag.

Travelers said it will make their life a lot easier.

"Every once and week or once every two weeks and then if I add leisure into this as well, that will be nice and then certainly I'm going to try to do something for my companion as well. My wife will appreciate this as well," said Andy Eyrise.

The TSA said that's one reason it exists. They also said it helps their security. By allowing low-risk passengers, vetted through pre-check, to board the plane more quickly, they can focus more attention on people they have less information about, they said.

To go through the process you can fill out an online application, then schedule an appointment at this website.

The temporary center is also accepting walk-ins at Mitchell International.

Final approval through the background check takes about two weeks. The cost is 85 dollars for five years of clearance, or one hundred dollars for five years of international clearance, which helps you get through customs faster, too.

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