Third child dies of injuries from Sheboygan Falls fire

SHEBOYGAN FALLS -- A third child has died after a house fire in Sheboygan Falls.

10-year-old Ben Martin passed away Thursday morning, according to the Sheboygan County Medical Examiner. Two children, ages eleven and seven, had previously died from their injuries.

Police say the parents of the children were at bible study at the time the fire broke out.

It's their faith and the love of people they haven't even met that's getting the Makis through these dark days.

“You know I think that’s what’s really helping them and you know, helping a nine year old through a very difficult time," said Ryan Passini, uncle.

First responders found ten-year-old Ben Martin unconscious on a very smoky second floor. But, it was his 11-year-old sister Natalie who tried to find both of her brothers, after she successfully got her nine-year-old sister Jenna to safety.  Seven-year-old Carter Maki died that night and Natlie Martin the following morning.  Since the fire, the community's reached out online and the family's grateful for the messages.

“Last night they were sitting down with their daughter Jenna and they said, do you see all these people?...She said 'these are all people that we don’t know and they’re showing love and support for us,'"  said Passini.

The state fire marshall still doesn't know what went wrong. The parents were at a bible study when the fire started. Sheboygan Falls police chief tells us they still haven't determined how the fire started or where.  Witnesses tell us they saw flames shooting through the basement floor, where the children used to play.

“They had the basement set up for kind of a play room, but about a week ago, all the kids moved up to different rooms in the house, so there wasn’t anybody down there," said Passini.

At this point, a GoFundMe account is raising money.

It's already collected over $84,000. In addition, neighbors are collecting clothing donations.

"But they want everybody to know how grateful they actually are, so," said Passini.

We reached out to the Maki's church.  It's Crossroads Community Church in Sheboygan. The associate pastor is asking everyone to keep the family in your prayers. 

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