Holiday season brought increased business to "super lice" treatment center

The holiday season has brought a lot of business to a local company that specializes in removing head lice. 
At "All Clear" in Pewaukee, owner Jamie Jauregui said he's been swamped since Christmas. 
"Everybody gets together for the holidays, people take pictures," he said. "There's a lot of head to head contact." 
Jauregui said lice, which live among human hairs, latch onto the scalp and feed on small amounts of blood, are typically spread by head to head contact. 
"You're not going to find lice on the floor of your house crawling around and looking for a head," Jauregui said. 
Although he added people should still be wary of sharing hats or scarves. 
Jauregui said some lice, dubbed "super lice," have become resistant to over the counter treatment. They've been found in 48 states. That's why he uses a special machine to shoot hot air - almost 140 degrees Fahrenheit - into a patient's scalp. He said it kills the lice and their eggs, called nits. 
Any dead lice or nits not blown out by the machine will fall out shortly afterwards, Jauregui said. 
The treatment is $175 and comes with a 30 day guarantee, provided everyone in a household gets checked for lice. 
Jauregui said he treats a lot of young children. 
Because lice spread so easily in school, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends encouraging kids to not share hats, combs or other items that come into contact with hair. 
Parents should also regularly check their children for head lice -- even if they aren't complaining of any itching. 

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