Skate park, 10 years in the making, opens in Wauwatosa

WAUWATOSA -- A new skate park in Wauwatosa opened Saturday, but it means a lot more than just a safe place for kids to play.

A ten year dream is reality for "Tosa Skateboarders United."

The ribbon cutting was an emotional one, for the parents of Jack Doyle, for whom the park is dedicated. Jack Doyle died too young, a victim of the choking game, but his memory lives on, through this.

"He absolutely would have loved it. A place that he would've been everyday," said his father, Mike.

Jack and his friends had always wanted a place to skate.

"I miss him," said Silas Poston.

Poston takes pride in the 8,000 square foot park, with cool embankments, quarters and bailing.

"It's got good flow, you can ride ride right through, you can hit a long line," Poston said.

Before this, Tosa skaters had to improvise.

"They hop in the car, they grab their boards, they go out and night and park their cars and skate in structures and skate on staircases," said Gene Sczesny.

Sczesny said his son, David, lived for his board.

"I think he was on a skateboard before he was even on a bike, but that was one of the things that he loved to do," Sczesny said.

Bone marrow cancer killed David at age 21. His parents know how much this would've meant to him.

"We brought his ashes with us and we found a skateboarder who, he's in the bowl right now, so he's skating around with them," Sczesny said.

The ribbon cutting comes less than two weeks after 11-year-old Quinn Richardson was killed, crossing a Wauwatosa street on his skateboard. The accident only highlights the need here.

"They needed someplace for these kids to go that was safe where they could practice the sport they loved, and that's how it all started," Doyle said.

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