Riverside Theater seat sales to benefit MADACC

The Riverside Theater in downtown Milwaukee is undergoing a six-week renovation. The project includes replacing all of the seats in the balcony of the theater.

The Pabst Theater Group, which runs the theater, saved about 100 seats. The frames of the seats are original, built in 1928.

The seats will be auctioned and money raised will go to MADACC.

"MADACC is the organization that takes care of animals that are forgotten, that are unwanted, that are injured," said Andy Nelson, public relations director at the Pabst Theater Group.

MADACC has cats and dogs up for adoption every day.

"I don't think a lot of people understand that MADACC is Milwaukee's animal control. We're your animal control. We take in between 11,000 to 13,000 animals a year," said Kathy Shillinglaw, volunteer and outreach coordinator at MADACC.

Photographer Stephanie Bartz donated her time for a photo shoot that will be part of the campaign to raise money during the auction. Bartz said taking pictures of animals is similar to taking pictures of children.

"You just have to take time and patience," Bartz said, "and a lot of treats to get the shot."

The Pabst Theater Group will post auction information on its website pabsttheater.org

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