PolitiFact Wisconsin: Is voter ID the same as being carded for beer?

Voter ID is always a hot-button issue when it comes to elections. But do you need an ID to buy beer like you to do vote? PolitiFact Wisconsin takes a look at that claim.

In a tweet just two days before the primary election Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel posted a video with a claim that caught the attention of PolitiFact Wisconsin.

"State Attorney General Brad Schimel says you need an ID to buy a beer," said Tom Kertscher with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Schimel was referring to the state's Voter ID law which requires you to have an ID to vote.

PolitiFact Wisconsin says comparing the two is a bit of a stretch.

"If you show up at the polling place without an I.D. you won't get a ballot," said Kertscher, "but of course across Wisconsin countless times a day, people buy beer without having to prove who they are."

So what does the state law actually say when it comes to beer sales and showing proof of who you are?

"State law does allow beer sellers to ask you for an I.D. of course," said Kertscher, "but they're not required to."

Schimel's claim only had an element of truth. PolitiFact Wisconsin rated his claim: Mostly False.

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