PolitiFact Wisconsin: Democrats claims on Foxconn, Walker's funding

As the Democratic primary race for Governor draws near - more and more candidates are trying to draw the line on where they stand on big issues.

PolitiFact Wisconsin checks out their claims and puts them through the Truth-O-Meter

We've heard Democrats bring this up before including from gubernatorial candidate Mahlon Mitchell

"Mitchell says Governor Walker cut one point six billion dollars from school funding as has put back only $630 million," said Tom Kertscher with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

PolitiFact Wisconsin says Mitchell is mixing apples and oranges with his two numbers.

"He's got a point that Walker did limit how much local school districts can raise in property taxes," said Kertscher. "But in terms of the state funding he has actually restored more money than he originally cut from schools."

Matt Flynn using the state's multi-billion dollar deal with Foxconn to separate himself from the crowded field of Democrats of running for governor.

"Matt Flynn says Foxconn is under investigation in China for a variety of fraud allegations," said Kertscher.

Flynn claimed the allegations included environmental, labor and securities fraud.

PolitiFact Wisconsin says violations uncovered by some do not necessarily constitute fraud, while a few others did not find any violations at all.

"Foxconn's been investigated in China for things such as alleged environmental violations," said Kertscher. "But there have been no investigations of fraud and the investigations have all occurred in the past even though Flynn says they are current."

PolitiFact Wisconsin rated both Flynn and Mitchell's claims -- Mostly False.

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