Politifact: Wisconsin property taxes

It's the end of the year bill that gives most homeowners sticker shock.

But Governor Scott Walker says property taxes are at historic lows. PolitiFact Wisconsin checked it out.

Property taxes may not be as exciting to talk about as the Packers in the playoffs but both topics get a lot of play in Wisconsin. Governor Walker brought it up this week in his state of the state speech.
"Property taxes as a percentage of our personal income in this state are the lowest they've been since the end of World War II, think about that, since the end of WW II."
Cutting property taxes was a big campaign promise for the governor. But have they dropped to a 70 year low? Walker's office pointed PolitiFact Wisconsin to the non profit Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance to back his claim.
"What the Taxpayer Alliance used is total income, said Tom Kertscher at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. "They took a look at all the income that's come into Wisconsin and looked at all the property taxes paid in Wisconsin to come up with that rate."
The rate is 3.6% of total income in the state. PolitiFact Wisconsin rated Walker's claim True
"What the Governor said is accurate. When you compare property taxes paid to total income in the state, the rate of three point six percent is the lowest since 1946," said Kertscher.

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