PolitiFact Wisconsin: Did Clinton support a wall?

Find out in this edition of PolitiFact Wisconsin

Bernie Sanders is in Madison this month talking up Hillary Clinton and hitting Donald Trump on his proposal to eliminate what's known as the death tax.

"What Sanders said under Trump's plan, to eliminate the estate tax, is that Walton family heirs would get a $53 billion tax break," said Tom Kerscher with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

That's Sam Walton's Wal-Mart family - not John-Boy's. The Wal-Mart family is worth billions and their estate tax could generate billions in taxes.

But PolitiFact Wisconsin found that number is a broad estimate that does not take into account tax planning or charitable donations.

Sanders also left out one other key point

"Trump has proposed, besides eliminating the estate tax, increasing the capital gains tax," Kertscher said. "So that would likely mean tens of billions of dollars in taxes that the Walton Family would have to pay."

PolitiFact rated Sander's claim Half True.

Donald Trump making this statement about Hillary Clinton in Wednesday's debate

"Hillary Clinton wanted a wall. Hillary Clinton fought for the wall," Trump said.

Trump has called for building a wall along the U.S./Mexico border. But what about Clinton? PolitiFact Wisconsin says sort of.

"When she was in the U.S. Senate back in 2006, Clinton did vote for fencing along the border about 700 miles," Kertscher said. "But she has not supported the type of wall that Trump has promoted."

PolitiFact Wisconsin rated Trump's claim Half True.


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