Packers, Cowboys battle over title of 'America's Team'

Sunday's playoff matchup between the Green Bay Packers and the Dallas Cowboys won't just be about who goes to the NFC Championship Game. It's also about who wins the coveted title of "America's Team."

For years, the Cowboys have held on strong to the nickname. According to results from the most recent Harris poll, the Cowboys are the most popular team in the NFL, but they're losing hold of that title.

The Packers and the Patriots were tied for second, with the Packers being the favorite team among fans younger than 30, older than 65, and female fans.

Fred's Burgers in Burlington, Wis. is famously torn over these two teams since the Cowboy's backup quarterback Tony Romo grew up there.

"I think our byline is 'if the Packers are playing Dallas, we hope Tony does a really good job but loses the game,'" said Julie Busch, the manager at Fred's.

Even with a strong connection to Romo, you won't find anyone there who thinks the Cowboys are America's team.

"I don't believe that, I believe the Packers are God's team," said Jay Bandholz.

"Obviously being from Wisconsin, Green Bay is America's team for me," said Jacob Karrer. "I think it's time for the Cowboys to move aside, I think the Packers' time is now."

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