Old Navy defends ad with interracial couple after social media uproar

Old Navy isn't apologizing to critics who have voiced their displeasure over a recent Twitter ad featuring an interracial family.

The ad, which doesn't feature an overt political or moral message, shows what appears to be an interracial family wearing the company's product. The tweet was intended to promote a recent 30 percent off sale.

Reaction to the ad on the social media platform was swift, as many seemed to be upset with the imagery presented. Some even claimed the clothing retailer supports the genocide of the white race:

Old Navy, for its part, isn't backing down. In a statement provided to Fortune, the company said "it is proud of the ad’s message of 'diversity and inclusion.'”

"We are a brand with a proud history of championing diversity and inclusion. At Old Navy, everyone is welcome,” said Old Navy spokesperson Debbie Felix emailed the magazine.

There were plenty of positive responses to the ad as well. Khary Penebaker, who is a Democratic candidate for Congress in Wisconsin's 5th congressional district, tweeted his approval:

Gap Inc. stock (Old Navy's parent company) is down less than one point in the few days since the tweet was released.

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