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Mosquito problem only getting worse according to Department of Natural Resources

Posted: 11:15 AM, Sep 24, 2018
Updated: 2018-09-24 16:25:18Z

MILWAUKEE == It feels like there's no escaping the mosquitoes right now.

The Department of Natural Resources' most recent outdoor report finds, "Mosquitoes are still out in full force and will probably continue to be through the weekend. "

Because of the mosquitoes, many archery deer hunters are taking a break and waiting for cooler weather... They're not the only ones. 

Customers at Barnacle Bud's Restaurant, on Milwaukee's southside, are fighting stay outside. Executive Chef Jose Melendrez says the mosquitoes are out of control and on a few occasions they've encouraged customers to eat inside. 

"We try to spray ourselves with OFF and we burn citronella wicks," says Melendrez," none of it helps."

He admits that during the day, the bugs aren't that bad. Customers are able to sit on the patio and eat in peace. But once the sun sets, it's a feeding frenzy and even sometimes sitting inside, the mosquitoes don't seem to be deterred. 

"Customers ask for OFF. We have some we give it to them and let them help themselves. That's the best we can do for them," says Melendrez. 

At Estabrook Dog Park many dog owners stand in the park's central spots and  avoid the wooded edges. Erin Vehring and her dog Ash try to come to the park often. But she says you have to be mindful about what time you come. 

"Depending on what time I get home from work. They will literally drive us out of here," says Vehring. 

She says she lets Ash run around in her backyard, but chooses not to go back there herself. Vehring feels like the bugs have taken over the outdoors and there aren't any remedies that seem fool proof. 

"I have a sonic mosquito repellent, basically all it does is annoy them and they're just worse," says Vehring. 

But there is hope against these blood-sucking pests. Once the temperature is consistently around 50 degrees, the mosquitoes will shut down for the winter.