More than 7,000 cars were stolen in Milwaukee in 2015

The City of Milwaukee saw more than 7000 vehicles stolen in 2015. The Dodge Caravan was at the top of thieves’ lists.

Police say car thieves are on the look out for autos that are easy to steal, and vans like the Caravan are fast to hotwire.

Officials say the top stolen vehicles of 2015 are: the Dodge Caravan, the Chrysler Town and Country, the Honda Civic, and the Honda Accord. The total number of stolen cars in the City of Milwaukee is also staggering.

A record 7,340 auto theft reports were taken by Milwaukee Police in 2015, which is almost an 11 percent increase over the number of auto thefts in 2014.

The majority of the crime is centered in Police Districts 2 and 6 on Milwaukee’s south side.

Alderman Bob Donovan, who represents part of that area, blames the increase on Milwaukee’s no police pursuit policy.

“I think certainly criminals have been telling us that one of the reasons they haven't been abiding by the law is that they know the police can't chase them,” said Donovan.

Donovan believes many of the thieves are minors who need to be held accountable.

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