Milwaukee woman sentenced to 10 years in deadly hit-and-run

Family still suffering but grateful for justice

MILWAUKEE -  A Milwaukee woman charged in a deadly hit-and-run was sentenced to 10 years behind bars Monday.

Twenty-three-year-old Savanna Scott was killed in October after being ejected from a vehicle after Shiane Holmes, 22, ran a stop sign crashing into Scott’s car and a light pole near 51st Street and Auer Avenue. After the accident, Holmes left the scene in a cab.

Shonda Rushing, the mother of the victim said, “it hurts but at least there's some justice to it.”

"It's a very hard situation, I wouldn't wish it on anybody," Rushing also said.

The court sentenced Holmes to 10 years behind bars with six years of extended supervision. Rushing said while Holmes is locked up she hopes she really reflects on the damage she had done.

"She didn't just get a smack on the hand, so this won't happen to anybody, at least not anytime soon," Rushing said. "Just do your time, think about what you did."

"And the next time you think about putting a life in your car just remember you're responsible for that life, and it's your job to make sure they are okay," Rushing also said.

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