Milwaukee superheroes mural unveiled

MILWAUKEE- Unveiled to an eager crowd, the artist looked on with pride.

Jasmine West created the public art work with nothing more than a vision and colored pencils.

"I wanted to add flare and color to these magnificent people how would I see them as a super hero through the things that they have done." Said the artist Jasmine West.

On the corner of Palmer and Keefe avenue, the Milwaukee superheroes mural spotlights eighteen cultural leaders that have contributed to making a difference in Milwaukee.

Maria Hamilton in awe to see her image among so many influential community leaders like state senator Lena Taylor.

"It's so cool to be a right between Walnut Way and Maria Hamilton 10 who is someone who has fought for justice and walnut way who is doing so much work with urban agriculture."

The permanent installation stands as a constant reminder that we live among superheroes everyday.
"It's not just for kids but for a community as a whole to be able to know you don't have to look back years and years... you can see people living - people who are engaged, who work in your community. "

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