Milwaukee police arrest 14 carjacking suspects in 18 hours

MILWAUKEE -- Kids as young as 12 are in custody after Milwaukee police went after carjacking suspects across the city this week.

As we got started on the carjacking story early Friday, yet another one began and police got their man (or teen, as it happened to be in this case).  

There were 14 arrests in 18 hours. Ten of them are kids.  All are for stolen cars, and all were particularly violent attacks. 

The investigations led to police chases.  Tyrone Gilbert witnessed one of them.

"And as I was crossing the street, right then it came past me, almost hit me, and I looked up and I saw the police chasing behind them, a big police chase, like 20 police cars just come from everywhere," said Gilbert.

Gilbert considers himself lucky because he was able to get out of the way.

"I just thank God cause like 20 seconds before it could've hit me," said Gilbert.

The latest wave of carjackings began Wednesday evening.  Two teens and a 20-year-old man stole a Chevy Traverse at gunpoint near 57th and McKinley. The same night, near 36th and Grant, a Black Ford Explorer was taken at gunpoint. Five juveniles were arrested, the youngest just 12.

The next one happened near 9th and Arthur.  Four were arrested there, including two 15 year olds.  Neighbors are hoping families will keep their kids busy with positive activities.

"If they have more things to do like play basketball or some after school activities, then they should be okay," said Gilbert.

Just last week, Milwaukee County sheriff's deputies initiated a high speed pursuit of four 13-year-old boys that ran all the way from the southeast corner of Milwaukee to the northwest side.  All four were taken into custody.

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