Milwaukee mom creates a drone for children with autism

Drone keeps an eye on children who wander
Posted: 7:18 PM, May 12, 2017
Updated: 2017-05-15 16:05:44Z

A Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design student has created a drone that she believes will help children with autism, including her own daughter.

Christine Carr's Nonni drone is designed to watch children that wander. According to Autism Speaks, 49 percent of autistic children under the age of 4 are prone to wandering.

"That is such a huge number it was quite overwhelming to me that there wasn't really any solutions out there," Carr said.

It's an extra set of eyes in the home that Carr believes will make a huge difference in her home life.

The Nonni can be programmed to provide an invisible fence around a home. If a child crosses the line, it sends an alert to the parents and caregivers or emergency services if need be. The automated drone will, outfitted with facial recognition, follows the child and tries to lure them back home.

"I think it's groundbreaking for multiple, multiple communities," Carr said. "Our community needs this and it needs it now," said Carr.

Carr says the drone is not just for children with autism.

"I think it could also help with Alzheimer's, they tend to wander as well. I really see it helping anyone in the house. It could be the next generation of baby monitoring once they actually start to get mobile," Carr said.

Carr obtained a patent for her creation. She's looking for investors and she's open to selling it to a company.

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