Milwaukee Fire Department investigating "suspicious" apartment fire on the city's north side

MILWAUKEE – The Milwaukee Fire Department is investigating a "suspicious" apartment fire on the city's north side.

The 2-alarm fire broke out around 4:30 a.m. Wednesday -- near the intersection of 39th and Hopkins

“I lost everything,” John Larry said. “I lost everything."

John Larry lives in the now badly burned apartment building and has done so for the past three years. He said he started his morning preparing for the work day, but before he could get out the door, things took a turn for the worse. 

“I opened the door, I see a hallway full of smoke so I started knocking on doors telling people to get out,” Larry said. “I [also] grabbed some kids out that’s why I got blood all over my hands."

The Milwaukee Fire Department tells TODAY'S TMJ4 there were three separate areas where the fire broke out -- that's why the fire is considered “suspicious."

“There were three separate areas in the building where the combination of fuel oxygen and heat came together in separate and distinct areas and created fire,” Deputy Chief, Aaron Lipski explained.  “[That] is statistically probably very improbable to happen accidentally."

Sixteen people were trapped inside the building when the fire broke out. Residents had to escape jumping through the first-floor window. Fire crews had to rescue only one person. 

Three minor injuries were reported, but they are expected to be okay. 

No other information has been released at this time.

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