Milwaukee Fashion Week kicks off Thursday

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee fashion isn't limited to boots and sweaters, there's plenty of glamour to go around. Thursday marks the start of Milwaukee's second Fashion Week.

"Three nights of great designs being showcased and a wonderful time just to get out and look at the beautiful things happening here in the city," explained John Kowalkowski, manager of the hair stylists and model.

From hair and makeup to the models - almost everyone is from Wisconsin. Sarah Nasgowitz is one of 24 designers showcasing her work.

"It's so cool because I feel like when people think Wisconsin they don't think fashion so it's exciting that we get this event to showcase our hard work and our passion," said Sarah Nasgowitz, designer.

About 60 models will strut their stuff every night, some professionals and some first timers.

"I'm excited. I'm totally nervous as well, but it's a great opportunity to kind of showcase that blind women are into fashion as well," Deborah Ambrocrandell, model.

Deborah Ambrocrandell is representing Blind Living Radio.

"I love fashion and Milwaukee Fashion Week seems to be where it's at," said Ambrocrandell.

Fashion Week is Thursday-Friday at 8:00 p.m. You can purchase tickets at the door. Proceeds benefit Pathfinders Milwaukee, Inc. Get more information about tickets here.

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