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Million dollar business merges fashion and technology

Posted at 5:46 PM, Mar 04, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-04 18:46:31-05

MILWAUKEE -- Keeping it cool is Mary-Cathryn Kolb’s business.

She’s the Founder and CEO of brrr˚, a fabric innovation company that combines fashion and technology.

“brrr˚ is proven to keep you cooler by dropping your skin temperature 2 to 3 degrees,” Kolb told Ivanhoe.

Kolb says she was born to run her own business.

“I was the girl in the neighborhood who always had a lemonade stand, always,” Kold said.

Recruited by brands like 7 Jeans, Toms Shoes and Spanx, Kolb decided it was time to branch out on her own.

Kolb said, “I felt like there was a very welcoming market that introduced a technology that truly does keep you cool.”

She launched brrr˚ in 2014 and now one in Taiwan, with 28 customers, including the Gap and Jos. A. Bank.

“We’ll be doing men’s tailored suits, suit liners, dress shirts,” Kolb explained.

But Kolb says the road to success is bumpy. Her advice: know when to course correct, like when brrr˚ got sidetracked by fashion trends.

“When you realize you have taken a wrong detour make it a detour and not just a wrong path,” Kolb said.

Also, don’t lose sight of your vision, and women, don’t try and achieve that perfect balance.

“She’s laid down a foundation for everyone who works here especially women,” Apura Banerjee, Ph.D said.

Now working on a wickable denim soon to be in stores Kolb says for brrr˚ there are no limits!

“I think within 10 years we will be well over a $100 million dollar company,” Kolb said.

Her business is also branching out to create car seat and steering wheel materials that keep cool in the heat plus bedding that doesn’t have you sweating during the night.

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