MCTS honors Rosa Parks Thursday

Rosa Parks' actions on December 1, 1955 will forever hold a special place in the civil rights movement. It was a simple but historic and powerful act of defiance that led to the beginning of de-segregation of buses in Montgomery, Alabama.

All 400 county buses on the road in Milwaukee County honored Rosa Parks Thursday, and passengers were happy that she was being recognized. Khayyena Suggs sat next to the tribute on her bus.

"Thank you Rosa Parks…She is a great part of American history…I respect her, I honor her, I thank her for what she did for giving me the right to sit anywhere I want to on the bus," said Suggs.

The buses are also leaving their headlights on, representing Rosa bringing light to our country’s issues.

"We want as many people as possible today to just take a minute, a second, a couple of minutes to think about what she did and the larger picture of how that really changed the face of our society and certainly public transportation," said Brendan Conway, a spokesperson with MCTS.

Milwaukee County buses plan to do this tribute for Rosa Parks every year going forward.

"I think it was a commendable thing that she did. I respect her for it, it takes effort, it takes steps to begin with and she took a step," said Keia Thomas, a passenger on another bus.
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