Locals help send clean water to Flint, Michigan

There is nothing more fundamental to our existence on this planet than water. It's difficult to imagine what we'd do without it -- because for us it's so easily accessible.

So when some Racine residents heard about the fiasco in Flint Michigan -- that town across our Great Lake where the lack of clean water has become a crisis -- these folks felt they had to help.

"As a mom, as an educator, as a global citizen, living on Lake Michigan, what an incredible resource," Joan Roehre says. We have no idea how fortunate we are until we learn about something like Flint, that it can happen right here."

Parishioners from area churches pitched in with money, and a company called Water For Kids came up with product.

Founder and CEO Greg Stromberg says it's shocking to see such need in the middle of America.

"To have to get water to Flint, Michigan, which is not a developing country, is just crazy and the government’s not helping.  It seems like they keep crying on the news for help, and we’re just trying to do our part," Stromberg says.

Meantime, Merchant Moving offered up the trucks for transport.

"We were working and they came and asked for volunteers to help drive the water to Michigan so we, us 3 volunteered to do it," driver Pat Beck says.

Those involved in this effort understand it's only the tip of the iceberg. They're hoping others will offer assistance -- until our neighbors to the east can have a glass of water without worrying.

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