Local group opposes I-94 expansion

WISPIRG wants to see alternative transit models

MILWAUKEE -- Nobody likes being stuck in traffic, but that comes at a cost.  Not everyone would like to see more road construction.

"Let me be very clear, going ahead with that project would be a huge mistake," said Peter Skopec, Wisconsin Public Interest Research Group.

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation is expected to release their final design by the end of the year.  Its plan is to expand I-94 between the Zoo and Marquette Interchanges.  The project would add lanes to the 3.5 mile stretch. 

"Now is the time to press pause, to hit the brakes, to study how the DOT spends its money before we write an $850 million check," said Rep. Evan Goyke, (D) Milwaukee. 

"Milwaukee driving decreased by 20% between 2006-2011.  This decline is happening in cities all across America, yet Wisconsin's Department of Transportation refuses to face up to and adjust to the new reality," explained Rep. Daniel Riemer, (D) Milwaukee.

Local leaders believe there's a more cost-effective and environmentally conscious plan and that's why they're asking WISDOT to go back to the drawing board. 

"Such as bus rapid transit, high occupancy hybrid and electric car lanes, bicycle lanes and yes commuter rail," said Ald. Jeff Roznowski, Wauwatosa. 

WISDOT is moving forward with their efforts to determine what's best for the I-94 exchange project. They're still working on a final plan, but they don't have a timeline for when that information will be released. 

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