Local companies showcase new gadgets at Consumer Electronics Show

More than a dozen Wisconsin companies are in Las Vegas this week showcasing their latest products at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show.

If you're a laser tag fan, the industry is launching a new live-action gaming system anyone can play without having to go to a laser tag arena.

"I think it is going to be more attractive to a wider audience than the audience coming to an arena because anyone can get together and play in a backyard, a park or the woods," Marie McGeorge with Laser Tag Pro said. "You're mobile so you're not just contained to your home."

The game console syncs with a player's smartphone to keep score, and McGeorge says their will be several laser tag games a user can play by downloading different apps.

McGeorge says the "BRX" laser tag game is suitable for all ages.

"It is marketed for anyone who likes to go outside and play games with their friends and family," she said. "My son is 4 and he loves to run around with this thing a shoot. "

If you think $15 for a game of laser tag is expensive, the $380 price tag for each "BRX" gun may be a deterrent for some, especially if you have multiple players.

However, the days of going to a laser tag arena are far from over!

"This is just another option for people who like to play laser tag," McGeorge said. " I don’t think it will replace playing in an arena."

Switching over to mobile fitness monitoring systems, we've all heard of Fitbit fitness and sleep tracking. Adding to the "fitness" category is a new B60 wearable hydration monitor.

"The product works by shining light of different colors into the body and measuring how much light is absorbed by the tissues," Nobo Founder & CEO Russ Rymut said. "Turns out water absorbs light in well-known ways so when we look at how much water is absorbed, we can tell how much water is in the body."

The B60 monitor is geared more toward athletes to give them live updates about whether they're de-hydrated, or over hydrated.

An exact price and release date for the monitor is unknown.

Pre-orders for the BRX laser tag system began Wednesday.

For a list of all the Wisconsin companies attending this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, click here. 

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