Judge refuses to lower bail in Slender Man stabbing case

WAUKESHA - The two girls accused of trying to kill a classmate to please the fictional character, "slender man" will remain in custody. The girls' attorneys told the judge today that their mental health has improved over the last two years. But the judge refused to lower their bail from half a million dollars to $5-thousand.

The first hearing Friday was for Anissa Weier. After her bond was ordered held at a half million dollars, there was significant effort on the part of the attorneys representing Morgan Geyser to distinguish the two cases.

Two girls charged with an unthinkable crime - stabbing their friend 19 times. The friend survived.

"She's not here because of peer pressure or because she, whatever the condition is over her, not here for that reason. She's here because of her psychotic condition," said Tony Cotton, Geyser's attorney.

From where we were sitting, it was difficult to see, but geyser's attorney says tears were streaming down his client's face - more evidence, he says, the medication's working.

"Morgan Geyser is a testament to the miracles and benefits of modern psychotropic medication. She's living proof of it," said Cotton.

The 13 year old, now on a therapeutic dose of Abilify. Mental health experts testified, she no longer requires in-patient care, and family have seen the change.

"She's the Morgan we knew as a child," said Robert Niesen, Geyser's grandfather.

Geyser's grandfather, a retired police chief, said she could live with him. The effort to free her - accelerated -because she reports being molested by a female cell mate at the Washington County detection center. If released, the defense said both girls could be on GPS monitoring.

"She's a 14 year old child and regardless of what one is accused of or admitted to, fresh air and sunshine are something that a child needs," said Maura McMahon, Weier's attorney.

As they left court, the attorneys for both girls said they haven't yet decided whether they'll appeal this case. The appellate court is already considering an appeal on whether to send this case back to juvenile court.

Parents of the defendants, and of the victim, were all in court, and all left without comment.

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