Goosecam: Watch TODAY'S TMJ4's nesting visitor live

Late last week we found a special visitor outside the TODAY'S TMJ4 building - a female goose!
The soon-to-be mother has laid seven eggs and is guarding them closely just feet from where we bring you the news every day. With the help of a GoPro camera, you can now watch #Goosecam live as much as you want.
It's the fifth year the same goose has taken up residence at TODAY's TMJ4 to build her nest. 
Last year, she laid six eggs in the same spot. On the day the goslings are born, the family takes all day to make the short trek to the river. 
And lest you think this is a single mother household, we've also spied the man of the house standing watch nearby and helping to guard the nest. Geese traditionally mate for life. 
Our in-house expert who has witnessed this event every year estimates the goslings will hatch on Thursday. 

We're looking for help naming our new friend. Vote in the poll below, and make sure to weigh in on the debate on our Facebook page.



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