Gallery Night and Day attracts hundreds to Milwaukee's art scene

A typical day for a Third Ward gallery might bring out a couple dozen people, but on Gallery Night and Day, they see hundreds.

"We have a jazz combo and food in our gallery, so it's very festive," said Kathleen Dean, an artist for one of the galleries.

Artists said it's a good day for business.

"People will see something and come down or put in an order for some things. I've had several orders over the last two years," said Scott Dercks.

The Historic Third Ward Association said that has an impact across the Third Ward.

"It does great business for restaurants and boutiques, and it really just helps the whole neighborhood come together," said Ellen Faletti, the membership and promotions coordinator.

She said Gallery Night and Day encourages people to check out a part of Milwaukee they might not have otherwise.

"Walker's Point to over at Marquette University," she said, "It's a great way also for people to kind of get a different feel of different neighborhoods downtown."

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