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Floodwater's impact on the human body

Posted: 9:07 PM, Aug 28, 2018
Updated: 2018-08-29 02:07:11Z

Wisconsin's several days of rain are causing massive headaches for residents dealing with flooded basements, cars and businesses.

To let off some steam some residents are playing around in the water. But the  Washington Ozaukee County Health Department Interim Director Amanda Wisth says that's not a good idea. 

"Because Water could be coming from the sewage system," said Wisth. "Other issues that you could think about is animal bites or insect bites."

Playing in flood water can increase your chances of getting E. coli or other harmful bacteria, becoming injured by objects hidden in the water, or being bit by animals that could be lurking in the water.  

The Milwaukee Metro Sewerage District reports releasing sanitary and storm sewage overflow into Lake Michigan at 1 a.m. on Monday.

Colleen Landisch-Hansen, Thiensville's Assistant Village Administrator, says the Milwaukee River overflowing near Village Park Grove is not an ideal place for children to play.  

"There could be bacteria in the water. The current can be very strong. Especially with this rainwater coming through," said Landisch-Hansen. 

Young bike riders, Dylan Ellner and friend Christian Seyfer, initially thought it was a cool idea to play in the water. But thinking over how dirty and gross the water looks they agreed it was probably best not to go in. Jane Wright says she just doesn't trust the water.  

"You don't know what's in there. What kind of bacteria. I always think of the river as not-even though it's cleaner than it used to be- not being the cleanest," says Wright. 

Wisth says residents who have to be in the flood waters should cover up any exposed skin by wearing rubber gloves and boots. Once you're done make sure to wash everything thoroughly with soap and water.