East side woman's door kicked in on NYE

A woman on the east side of Milwaukee spent her New Year's Eve with police officers after someone attempted to break into her house by kicking in her front door.

It happened Saturday night around 11:00 p.m., according to the woman. She was home at the time watching TV.

"I heard a large boom and sort of a crash," said Melissa, who asked us to only use her first name. "My door had been kicked or punched in."

She says as soon as the suspects busted through her door, her alarm went off, scaring them away.

"I heard them say something to the effect of 'oh crap, it's the wrong house,'" she said.

She called 911 and reported the incident to officers, who told her they had received similar calls already that night on her street.

"I personally think if you're going to rob people, New Year's Eve is the right time to do it," she said. "It sounds like they were knocking on several different doors so had I not been home they would have been pretty successful at getting into my house and robbing me."

The suspects managed to knock all of the hardware off her door and did enough damage that it had to be boarded up.

She also believes they may have been injured since they left blood on her door.

"I hope this doesn't happen again but if it does, I have some ideas about what I would do. And also I'm going to change up the security in my house and just make sure if this does happen again I'm prepared," she said. 

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