Customer response to 'no straw policy' at Milwaukee restaurants mixed

Wisconsin's Morning News

Behold, the straw.

Two Milwaukee restaurants, La Merenda and Engine Company No. 3, stopped providing straws with drinks at the start of the year. 

They cite environmental reasons, mainly that plastic straws don't decompose.

Customer response has been mixed.

“At the very beginning, it was definitely 50/50,” owner Peter Sandroni tells Wisconsin’s Morning News. “It’s been a few months now. We have things on our dining room tables to tell people, a little note explaining to them why we went straw free and why we don’t have straws available for them. If they have a medical need or some sort of physical issue in which they need something, we can certainly accommodate them.”

The restaurant already follows other environmental practices. They do not automatically bring water to the table, only if requested.

Sandroni says though he understands they may have lost some customers along the way, they “can’t please everybody all the time.”

For the full conversation with Sandroni on Wisconsin’s Morning News, click in the SoundCloud player above.

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