4th grader helps save bus driver's life

RACINE -- Heroes come in all sizes. This one happens to be just 4'2".
"Jayden, he really saved my life," said bus driver Daquisha Adams. "I just want to thank him for stepping forward and being able to be there for me when I needed it the most."
Adams had just picked up 9-year-old Jayden Jaramillo and his sisters when something went terribly wrong.
"She was like coughing a lot," Jayden said. "So she pulled over and she like couldn't breathe."
Without hesitation, the fourth grader jumped to action.
"So I went up [front] and I got the radio," he said. "I said where we were at."
Thanks to his help, paramedics found their way to Pritchard Drive.
Jayden's brave act is right on par with Trinity Lutheran's school theme of "Life Together."  Senior Pastor Stephen Jennings couldn't be more proud to hear it's making an impact.
"It's not just about yourself or the person that's right next to you," he said. "It could be your bus driver, it could be your next door neighbor, it's anybody.
For now, Jayden's content doing what kids do. He plays football and dreams about one day being in the NFL or maybe being a police officer, but it seems he may never forget the day he saved a life.
"I'm happy that she's ok," he said.
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