4th grade teacher gets kids inspired about black history

MILWAUKEE -- 4th grade teacher Terrance Sims is always looking for new ways to get his students excited about history.
"This is my very first time doing something very important," said Jamir Young.
Young is just one of many students at Milwaukee College Prep bringing iconic moments in American black history to life.

"How can you know your future without knowing your past? It's cliché, but its so true," said Sims.

On this morning students gathered for their last photo shoot. One of the photos has already gone viral.
It was a recreation of the movie poster Hidden Figures, featuring the three women who were the brains behind the Mercury program that launched John Glenn into orbit.

"I checked my phone at 2:30 and I had all these text messages. 'Yo, Janelle Monae just tweeted the picture.'"
The project has not only been a lesson in history, it has also given these young scholars a sense of their own importance.
"I think its a great experience for me," said student Nasir Jolly.

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