Walker raised about $7.4 million in run for president

New numbers released Thursday show Governor Scott Walker's presidential fundraising flamed out fast.

Those numbers also show Walker put his two sons on the campaign payroll.

Walker 's team brought in an average of $105,000 dollars a day -- but was spending about $90,000 a day. Said one source: The campaign reached an "unsustainable" level of spending.

But it got off to a pretty good start for Governor Walker.

On July 13, the day he announced his run for the White House, he had his biggest one day of donors, 324, bringing in $305,000.

On the last day of July, Walker was on a roll. He had his biggest one day cash haul, $676,000, according to campaign finance reports filed with the Federal Election Commission.

But it was downhill after that, driven by two lackluster debate performances. The day after the September 16 debate Walker got only 19 donations for $10,000. A few days later he dropped out.

"This was a difficult decision," Walker said on September 21st.

The campaign finance report shows walker raised $7.4 million dollars in 71 days. That was more than GOP rivals Marco Rubio and Carly Fiorina - who are still in the race.

Walker's campaign spent $6.4 million, but there are still bills to pay  - including $10,000 for renting the Waukesha County Expo Center for his packed announcement.

The campaign also paid Governor Walker's two sons Matt and Alex $4800 each for about three months of  work. The campaign says the boys worked part time but did not specify their responsibilities.

Walker's spokesperson Tom Evenson issued a statement saying:
"Governor Walker is grateful to the tens of thousands of supporters who believed in his conservative vision and became a part of his effort."

"While the outcome is obviously not what we had hoped for, the fact that 92% of the contributions Governor Walker received were for $100 or less reflects strong grassroots support for his vision of taking the power out of Washington and returning it to the people."

"Too many Americans worry that our nation is heading in the wrong direction, but Governor Walker is hopeful the eventual Republican nominee will champion an optimistic conservative vision that both inspires and offers a clear choice in 2016."


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