Mistake costs local woman her laptop

She lost it due to Apple's 'abandoned property'
Posted: 10:27 PM, Apr 25, 2017
Updated: 2017-04-26 03:28:42Z

She dropped off her laptop to be fixed, but when this Wisconsin woman went to pick it up her computer was gone. 

It all comes down to the fine print in an agreement consumer's sign.  Apple calls it "abandoned property" and as one Wauwatosa mom found out, if you don't make the pick up deadline the end result could be pretty drastic.

Janet Nass was in the middle of grad school final exams when the screen on her MacBook stopped working. 

"Apple said you have three days left on your warranty, we'll get you an appointment," Nass said. 

So she dropped it off last December at the Bayshore Apple store. 

"I figured I had until I could get back,” she said. “ That's where I went wrong."

On March 22 Nass went to pick up her laptop, but nobody could locate it. 

"The manager goes in the back for a long time and comes out with some paperwork," Nass said.

That manager also had some bad news.  She told Nass her computer had been melted down. 

Under Apple's repair terms consumer's have 60 days to pick up their device or it's considered abandoned.  That clause is in the fine print of the document Nass was given after she signed the repair agreement electronically. 

Something she admits she didn't read all the way through.  Nass’ mother had just died unexpectedly, and she's a single parent to three daughters. 

"I think I was more in shock,” she said. “Like I wanted to cry."

Nass’ MacBook held special meaning.  It was a gift from her late husband; he died almost 2 years ago. 

"I have a hard time letting gifts from him go, and this one was just, I felt kind of taken," she said. 

But she also takes full responsibility.

"I'm very mad at myself," she said.

She does wish Apple would at least verbally tell people about the deadline. 

"To say 'just so you know we hold things for 60 days and then it's considered abandoned.'," she said.

Apple offered her 15 percent off a new device which Nass used to get another MacBook. With all the recent loss in her life, she's let the issue go to focus on what's important, but chose to tell her story to remind people to make sure they read every word of anything they sign.

"You should know that they really will do that,” Nass said. “You have 60 days."

NAss’ pictures and music were backed up, but she lost everything from her first year of grad school.  We reached out to Apple and they would only point us to the company's abandonment policy. 

Again Nass takes full blame and says Apple did send reminders to pick up her device. We also looked up other company repair policies; consumers have anywhere from 30 to 60 days before the device is considered abandoned.


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