Former TODAY'S TMJ4 Reporter Silvia Acevedo hosts book launch party at Boswell Book Co.

There is life after television and former TODAY'S TMJ4 reporter Silvia Acevedo continues to prove that fact with the recent May release of her second novel, “God Awful Thief.”

At Milwaukee’s Boswell Books Wednesday evening, Acevedo hosted a party to launch the book, read selections from the novel, and discussed the book to an enthralled group of readers.

“I get to see all my friends and meet new people at this book launch. And, I get to talk to people about writing. It’s a lot of fun,” Acevedo said, as she took a break from greeting her fans in the N. Downer Avenue establishment.

“God Awful Thief” continues the tale of Cupid, a character from her first book, "God Awful Loser."

In the new novel, the God of Love character has a new look, a new attitude, and even a steady girlfriend. He apparently wants to settle into a comfortable immortality but someone has dreamed up a different plan.

“In this [second] book, Cupid is restored back in the celestial world after having been challenged for his crown earlier,” Acevedo explained. “But he’s still facing troubles!”

With the publication of this second novel, Acevedo is rapidly establishing herself as a successful fantasy novelist for young people, ages 12 and up.

It would seem to be a natural transition for the talented Acevedo. As a journalist, she was known not only for her ability to tell hard-hitting news stories and her relentless fact gathering, but she also developed a reputation for her artful storytelling, in an age when such abilities are in short supply in television.

“God Awful Thief, “published by Three Points Publishing, is available now in hardcover for $18.99 and as an eBook for $8.99. Click here for more information.

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