Race for governor gets ugly just two days into the campaign

Two days into the governor's race, and things are already heating up.

Both Scott Walker and Tony Evers are crisscrossing the state with 82 days left until the general election. Both sides are already getting ugly, bashing each other's record and character. 

Thursday, Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch was in Milwaukee. She spoke to supporters about Evers record as superintendent. She cited a new political ad questioning Evers work with a troublesome teacher accused of viewing pornographic material at work and making lewd comments to middle school girls. 

"Tony Evers is dangerous," Kleefisch said. "Tony Evers threatens the type of lifestyle we have worked so hard to create for our friends and neighbors across Wisconsin. Scott Walker is a different type of leader. He's a positive leader."

Evers continued his campaign in Milwaukee today as well. He spoke with a number of Democratic dignitaries in front of dozens of supporters. He fought back against accusations saying there was a loophole in the law and has since fixed it. 

"I worked with a legislator to change that law," Evers said. "We moved on from there. I could not do it because the law did not allow me to do it. We couldn't pull his license because the law didn't allow me to pull his license."

The teacher still works in a Wisconsin school. 

"Gov. Scott Walker asked Tony Evers, pleaded with Tony Evers to revoke this teacher's license," Kleefisch said. "He refused. It's disconcerting to me as a parent because I see this as a job of the state school superintendent; protecting the children and not the teacher's union."

When asked about whether Walker had conversations to have Evers removed as superintendent because of his lack of action regarding the teacher, Kleefisch said, "I think that the voters of Wisconsin have an opportunity to send a very strong signal to Tony Evers on November 6th."

Kleefisch says by not revoking the teacher's license, it shows flaws in how he would run the state as governor. However, Evers running mate, Mandela Barnes, disagrees. 

"I don't know if anyone has any problem with Tony's character," Barnes said. "It's a very desperate attack by the Governor. The Walker way is going negative. That's the only way he can do because he's proved his ideas have been an abject failure over the last eight years. He's in trouble now. It's time for him to care about people in Wisconsin. Over the last eight years, too many people have been left behind."

Walker and Evers will have a televised debate on TODAY'S TMJ4 ahead of the election. A date and time have not been set. 

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