Increased turnout projected for primary vote in Milwaukee

Milwaukee city election officials project an increase in voter turnout for the 2018 partisan primary compared to 2014.

They also say there has been an increase in early and absentee voters.

"It's marginal excitement,” said Michael Parulski out of Wauwatosa. 

The city of Milwaukee Elections commission says 75,000 Milwaukee voters could turn out at the polls Tuesday. In 2014, there were around 65,000 voters.

"I think there's a good public awareness of the election and that always encourages greater voter participation,” said Neil Albrecht,  the Executive Director with the City of Milwaukee Elections Commission.

This isn’t just in the city, it’s also in the county.

"You can argue and discuss with your friends but ultimately it comes down to putting a pen to paper and making a vote,” said Vincent Vogelsang, who voted out of Shorewood.

Some voters say they’re interested because of the increased number of candidates.

"I think this is probably one of my first primaries that I voted in because I generally don't like to vote one party ticket however as a retired educator I think this year it became even more important to speak up about our primary and where we're going to go with the state and even beyond,” Mary Pat Foley, out of Wauwatosa said.

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