David Pritchard

Exercise and nutrition specialist


David Pritchard has been a leader in the health and fitness industry for the last 20 years. He creates custom-tailored fitness and nutrition programs for his clients using his skills as a certified strength, conditioning, exercise and nutrition specialist.

David owns and operates a private wellness and training center in downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Working with individuals and groups, he focuses on all facets of exercise, nutrition, and motivational programs.

David has trained professional, college and amateur athletes worldwide. He works with professional athletes in the NBA, NFL, MLB and Boxing. In 2008, he was fortunate to be part of the Olympic experience through the USA Basketball Gold Medal Team.

As a speaker and consultant, David has:

  • Presented all over the world on wellness lifestyle adaptations
  • Personally coached executives on wellness strategies
  • Helped national companies create successful wellness programs
  • David has a Masters degree in Exercise Science and has certifications from American Council of Exercise and The National Academy of Sports Medicine.

"Everyone regardless of age and physical condition deserves to feel what a healthier lifestyle feels like. My commitment is to provide the highest quality of work, that focuses on your individual needs, and maximizes your time and gives you true life changing results." –David Pritchard


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