Watch out for work at-home scams

If you are looking for a job that allows you to work from home, watch out. There are a number of job scams that have been costing consumers a lot of headaches and big bucks.

Fortunately, not all work from home jobs are scams. But, here are a few clues that the job offer could be a scam. You are asked to pay money to get more information about the offer. You are told that a check will be sent to cover supplies, but you will then need to wire or send money back to the company or another source. And, you are only able to communicate about the job offer via email, and you are not able to find out any information about the company online or through other legitimate sources.

Sometimes these scammers find their victims via random emails or by setting up bogus websites that may look legit. But, scammers also look for resumes that are posted online with well known job sites. Or, they may watch social media, looking for people who post information about a job search. When they find their potential victim, they design a bogus job offer to match the interest.

People can find legitimate work from home jobs by looking for job postings on well known, legitimate company websites. Get referrals from family or friends. Before responding to an email or ad, check out the company as best as you can and contact them via a legitimate phone number to ask if they offer work from home opportunities. And, do not provide any personal information, nor make any payment until you can check things out. Keep in mind, most legitimate companies will not ask you to pay to get a job. They should be paying you to perform their work.

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