Watch out for Prime pitfalls in online shopping

If you are looking to score some great online deals, watch out. If you are not careful you could get taken by some prime shopping pitfalls.

Most importantly, do not be in such a hurry to buy that you fail to take normal precautions like using secure networks and passwords, checking out the seller and comparing price and quality. Keep in mind, although you may be shopping on a well known website, the product may be offered by a third party seller who has a different reputation and way of doing business. You also need to read the fine print, especially in relation to return policies. If you wait until after Christmas, there is a good chance that the seller will not accept a return for a purchase made in July.

If you’re doing some early Christmas shopping, when making the purchase consider paying with a major credit card that might offer a benefit of doubling the manufacturer’s warranty, or allows you to contest a charge. You can also purchase extended warranties, but these can be costly. When you get the package, open it up immediately to make sure that it is what you ordered, and that nothing is damaged or missing. If there is a problem contact the seller immediately to get a replacement or refund. If you cannot get things resolved contact our Call 4 Action office for help.

Also, watch out for hacks and fake emails that look like they are coming from the retailer or a shipping company. Be especially careful about clicking on links or providing personal information. When in doubt, contact the merchant directly to ask questions.

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