How to keep kids cyber safe

School will soon be out for many kids in our area and that could mean they will be spending more time online, meaning you’ll want to know how to keep your kids cyber safe.

First and most importantly, pay attention to what your kids are doing online. Talk to them about cyber safety and use parental controls and monitoring software.

It might also be a good idea to check out online resources like or to help you and your kids learn more about cyber safety.

Also, remind your kids to be nice online and not engage in questionable communication or behavior. Tell them to be careful about what they share and with whom. Warn them about the dangers of sharing embarrassing photos and sensitive information, and not to trust everyone they meet online.

Warn them against meeting in person with strangers that they have only communicated with via social media, gaming devices or apps, and encourage them to talk to you or a trusted person like police or educators if they ever feel threatened or endangered.

In addition to contacting law enforcement, you might also want to contact consumer support for social media sites, gaming devices and online service providers.

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