How to get the best holiday deals without getting taken

If you are planning to get a jump on holiday shopping, listen up. There are a few things that you might want to do to get the best deals without getting taken. 

In addition to doing some comparison shopping with multiple store and online ads, you might also want to check out some of the cash back or saving catcher apps and websites. These apps and websites will often alert you to special deals, offer some nice cash rebates on your entire purchase, and if the item goes on sale after you bought, will automatically credit back the difference. Some of these options can be found within a store app, but many are offered by outside companies. But, before you install and use the app, make sure that they are being offered by reputable businesses, and that you understand the terms and conditions .

Most important, check things out before you buy, and make sure that you are purchasing from reputable sellers. The main complaints that we receive are from people who made a purchase only to learn that they cannot return an item or have a restocking fee, or that a business has gone out of business before a return could be made, or that there are missing parts or damage, and the merchant will not assist in making things right.

If you cannot get the merchant to help you and your purchased with a credit card, your card issuer may be able to assist you in contesting the charge. Some card issuers will also offer some nice perks like refunds or replacements if the item is lost or broken within the first 90 days, or offer extended warranties. However, if you run into a problem that you cannot get resolved, you can always contact our Call 4 Action office for assistance. 

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