In Focus: Summerfest Street Style Fashion 2017

"Flow" Johnson is a champion of the city of Milwaukee. He's from here, moved around to bigger cities, but something lured him back. He sees artistic potential in the city, and wants to be part of that movement by creating After Gallery, a gathering spot for the city's creatives to mix, mingle and share ideas. Fashion and photography are definitely two elements of that "flow," so we hit Summerfest on the lookout for the hip and stylish. Get ready for your closeup, Milwaukee.


No matter how far it evolves, Milwaukee will likely never be compared to fashion meccas like New York City or Milan, Italy.

But fashion is in the eye of the beholder, and if you look beyond the Packers gear and Milwaukee Home t-shirts, the city does have a distinct sense of style.

Music festival style carries its own unique characteristics. Your gear needs to be functional enough for drastic weather conditions, sturdy enough to withstand movement and sweat, and fly enough to impress.

If there is a Midwest fashion aesthetic, it's probably an aversion to labels, and a laid-back approach will win you points every time.

Johnson is Exhibit A. It's safe to say you don't see a lot of dudes walking around this city with flip-up glasses and overalls, but he makes it work, which is exactly the point.

No matter what, whatever you pick for your outfit, whatever you find stylish, confidence is key to make sure that it works for you," Johnson said.

In other words, do you -- and then some.

Credit: Flow Johnson

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