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8 Best Online Psychic Reading Sites for Love, Career, and Life Questions (Real Psychics)

Posted at 10:12 AM, Jul 25, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-27 17:49:06-04

Whoever said adulting is hard must have spoken for all of us. 

Remember when we were young and had almost nothing to worry about, yet all we ever wished for was to grow up faster? 

Yeah, we literally apologize for that.

We now have to juggle work, relationships, career, mental wellness, and everything in between.

If you're at a point where you need more clarity and sanity, you might want to read on because the solution may just be someone to point you in the right direction - a psychic reading.

While the Internet is awash with all sorts of psychics who claim to be the best, we have saved you the trouble of rifling through endless pages in a quest for the best online psychic reading.

Here is a list of our top psychic websites.

Best Online Psychic Reading Sites: First Look

  1. Kasamba - Best Online Psychic Reading Platform (70% OFF)
  2. Psychic Source - Affordable $1/minute readings
  3. AskNow - 9 reading categories and good prices
  4. Keen - Great for chat-based readings
  5. Oranum - Good video readings and free psychic reading
  6. Mysticsense - 500+ psychics and satisfaction guarantee
  7. PsychicOz - Popular for astrology readings
  8. LifeReader - Experienced psychics and great package deals

Top Online Readings: How to Choose the Best Psychic Reader for You

Trial Minutes

Your online psychic reading session with a psychic online should be value-packed.

You need to make the most of the time you have, and there's no better way than taking advantage of offers like the free minutes. Use these incentives to vet the psychics as you scout for the perfect match.

Methods of Contact

When looking for the best psychics, the method of contact is a major concern to most.

Most websites use chat-based psychic reading, phone psychic reading (aka psychic hotlines), and email to conduct the psychic readings online.

If you're the type of person who still believes that you must see a psychic face to face, you'll have to settle for a website that provides the video calling feature - like Oranum.


Having an online psychic reading with someone who knows what they are doing assures you that you're in the right arms. Some come from generations of psychics, and others have been in the game for decades.

You'll find all the information in the psychics' profiles.

While at it, consider even trivial matters like their courtesy, listening, and speaking skills.

Psychic Specialties

Many psychics have amazing abilities, but they're not omniscient.

If you have a question on a specific topic, like love or career, it would probably be best to look for a psychic who specializes in that area.

Deals and Discounts

As a consumer of anything, you should always be thinking about the cost.

One way of keeping the price tag down for online psychic reading services is to pay attention to the special deals they often have for new customers, such as a free psychic reading online or discounted minutes.

Customer Feedback

To know the road ahead, ask those coming back. 

There's no better place to get honest opinions than reading previous clients' experiences. Strictly choose platforms that let you see these reviews.

You must ascertain that they are human-written reviews because the internet is so permissive that some unscrupulous sites post generic reviews. 

A way to do that is by ensuring the clients' IDs check out with the website's database.

Also, choose a psychic with the highest ratings.

Satisfaction Guarantee

It may not mean much, but some of these psychic websites like Kasamba and Psychic Source are so thorough that they can reimburse your funds

As long as you have enough evidence to prove that the online psychic reading wasn't satisfactory, some will offer you alternative psychics or give refunds.

Best Psychic Reading Websites − Detailed Reviews

1. Kasamba - Most Reputable & Best Psychic Readings

Kasamba is a reputable site that's been around for a while - having celebrated two decades of service. 

It has given spiritual guidance to millions of clients, making it one of the best psychic reading sites online.

The experts offer psychic readings, which include tarot cards, astrology, dream analysis, fortune telling, love and relationships, general psychic readings, and many more.

The website is user-friendly and detailed to the core.

You'll also get write-ups that shed more insight into the whole psychic mediums world if you're curious about that sort of content.

As for the pricing plans, Kasamba allows credit or debit cards and PayPal.

Special Features and Deals:

Finding a Psychic

All psychics are on display with complete information, including pricing, reviews, ratings, and availability.

The site connects you to the psychic mediums in 2 ways; chat readings or phone readings.

Whichever medium you choose, the website facilitates instant connections and in-depth responsiveness.

Recommended Psychics

The site carefully vets psychic experts. 

Now we get why their clientele base has grown to more than 3 million users over time! 

Offering accurate psychic readings, some of their top-rated psychics are proudly displayed on the home page. 

Clients also like connecting with famous psychics with good ratings. After many years of operation, you'll surely find some of them here.

Love Specialist Isabelle and Advisor Rainbow are just 2 of the best online psychics. They have thousands of great reviews and have several specialties.

>> Get 70% OFF your psychic reading on the official Kasamba website << 

2. Psychic Source - Cheap Psychic Readings Online

It's yet another A-list psychic reading site since its inception more than 25 years ago. 

Psychic Source is, by far, one of the most pocket-friendly yet professional and reliable psychic reading websites we have come across.

So if you're looking for a cheap psychic reading - then give Psychic Source a go!

The platform intentionally divides readings into Types of Psychics and Types of Readings to make your search easier. 

For a site with such straightforward navigation, it already steps ahead of most. Clients can use the search filters to narrow down to find the best online psychic readings.

Psychic Source explores broader reading categories like tarot readings, astrology, angel readings, dream interpretation, lost object readings, spiritual readings, and more.

Special Features and Deals:

Finding a Psychic

The site currently has more than 300 online psychics with complete information, including their profiles, years of experience, rates, availability, and ratings. 

Psychic Source lets you contact the psychics by phone calls, online chat, or video calls. You can also book an appointment to have an accurate psychic reading near you.

Recommended Psychics

Finding the right psychic near you will be a walk in the park since the website filters the searches to trivial details.

It lists all the available online psychics, their rates, ratings, time zones, and contact mode. Whether you prefer phone psychics, chat psychics, video calls, or want to book an appointment - they got you covered!

We highly recommend:

Pearl x7638

She's affordable and specializes in tarot reading, energy healing, love psychic, intuition, and astrology. 

You can book an appointment, exchange direct messages or have a phone psychic reading.

Ursula x9927

Some people still believe psychic readings can't be complete unless they interact with the advisers face-to-face. The virtual experience with online psychics like Ursula x9927 will still suffice.

>> Get a $1/minute reading from the official Psychic Source website << 

3. AskNow - Best New Clients' Package

This is yet another legitimate online psychic reading platform. 

It features at the apex of channels that connect one to the spiritual realm. Since 2005, the website has served thousands of clients in quest of guidance.

To find a psychic reader, you'll have to base your search on the nine reading categories, such as tarot reading, dream interpretation, numerology, psychic predictions through astrology - and much more!

The registration process is also quite straightforward on the user-friendly site.

Special Features and Deals:

Finding a Psychic

AskNow has a vast network of gifted psychics. 

The team conducts a thorough background screening process and appraises the online psychics every so often. With this strategy, the psychics are always up to speed with the company's objectives.

This is probably why the psychics have to maintain 4 or 5-star ratings to stay on the platform.

The online psychics appear in 3 tiers:

  • Top-rated Advisers ($3.99 - $9.99/min)
  • Elite Advisors ($10.00 - $12.99/min)
  • Master Advisers ($13+/min)

Offers like 30 minutes for $30 in the introductory package make the site one of the most affordable ones around.

You can contact any of the phone psychics or chat psychics. Unfortunately, video chat isn't an option.

Recommended Psychics

To get a psychic reading online - go to select one from the home page or in the Psychics Spotlight tab.

The psychics at AskNow provide detailed personal information. This is an excellent gesture since you can go right into the session with your FREE minutes.

Devin Starlight came on top as a brilliant multi-generational psychic. He can trace his spiritual gift up to 5 generations deep - which is pretty impressive.

For a compassionate psychic reading online, Oracle Siren Rose has done that for nearly 4 decades. Her clairvoyant gifts are geared toward emotional healing.

>> Get 5 free minutes on Asknow (official website) << 

4. Keen - Top-rated Online Psychics for Love & Relationship Readings

For starters, we don't always take it for granted that a site is user-friendly and up-to-date. 

Keen has a neat outlook, from the list of psychic categories to navigation buttons.

Having been in the game for more than 20 years, Keen is undoubtedly doing so many things right. Offering an extensive list of online psychic reading categories is one of its highlights.

24 categories, to be precise!

Special Features and Deals:

  • 3 FREE minutes with each new advisor
  • Generous $1.99 for 10 minutes for newbies
  • Pocket-friendly rates between $1.99 - $9.99+
  • Connect with the advisers over a call, chat, or mail
  • Keen app for both android and iOS.

Finding a Psychic

When you get on board, choose a psychic reading category, mode of contact, and pricing. 

A couple of clicks later, you'll be staring at the best psychics for your case! Plus, you can adjust the budget bar to suit your price range.

However, if that's too much work for you, simply select the "Get Matched" feature, and the psychic website algorithm will help you choose the best psychic reader from the various Keen psychics.

Recommended Psychics

Keen psychics pass as some of the most skilled readers when it comes to matters of the heart. 

We looked into that category and recommended Jeanne Clock and Love Expert Sara. They are among the most sought and highly-rated psychic mediums.

>> Get 10 minutes for just $1.99 on the official Keen website << 

5. Oranum - Best Video Psychic Readings

Oranum has been a reputable psychic network for over 10 years. 

We won't say it's a psychic reading site per se because the psychic readers aren't employees of the company. It's basically a streaming platform that connects clients and readers.

Hosting spiritual experts from all over the world makes it a highly versatile online psychic platform. From astrologers to spiritual experts - there's a specialist for you!

The website is interactive and very user-friendly, which explains the top-notch video chats.

Special Features and Deals:

  • Fair pricing, starting from as low as $0.39
  • Welcome token of up to 10,000 bonus coin credits
  • Free psychic reading sessions (live streams)
  • Premium videos with insightful lessons
  • More offers for exclusive subscriptions

And yes, you can get bundle packages.

Finding a Psychic

Oranum used to provide a diverse array of online psychic reading categories, but the site currently only has 12 broad options. 

They include love, clairvoyant, astrology, family, tarot readers, dreams, guides, career, pet psychics, numerology, sound baths, and fortune-telling.

Sadly, the site doesn't help filter the options. So, if you feel everything is all over the place, they are.

But there's some good news.

All the advisors must host free psychic reading sessions weekly - which is fantastic because watching them in action can help you read more into their capabilities.

Recommended Psychics

Right on the homepage, there's a list of the best online psychics. 

You'll be able to see the ones hosting a live psychic reading session at that moment, and you can click and join even without creating a profile. You can, however, send the already curated messages like, "I need your guidance."

You won't gain much, though, unless you create an account. Non-subscribers can't see full psychic bios nor the private reading rates.

You can vote for your favorite online psychic readers, and the site will list them based on the most liked. In fact, as a newbie, checking out the best psychics is a good place to start.

Clairvoyants like Sensei and MysticMilena are some of the gifted psychics listed, courtesy of their guidance on topics like love and money.

>> Get an insightful psychic reading from the official Oranum website << 

6. Mysticsense - Best Psychic Reading Categories

Mysticsense has commendable types of online psychic readings. 

The site also filters the readers based on their tools, specialties, availability, and reading style. We feel that it has just the right amount of reading type; neither too much nor too sparse.

Special Features and Deals:

  • Various online psychic readings
  • 5 FREE minutes
  • Great articles & blogs on spiritual advice
  • Group forum available
  • Strong social media presence
  • Daily horoscope
  • Satisfaction guarantee

Finding a Psychic

Even though Mysticsense is still in its infancy stages, its reputation precedes it. 

The 500+ advisors have done a commendable job so far, considering the 14,000+ raving compliments that clients leave behind.

You can reach them through calls, chats, and video sessions. 

The fact that you see a psychic's availability in your local time may be insignificant, but it really sets the site apart.

We also liked how specific the search can get. For instance, when searching for love and relationship readings, you'll get more particular subcategories like toxic relationships, cheating hearts, and more.

Should you key in more than one reading type in the search bar, the algorithm will match you with a psychic reader who specializes in all of them.

Recommended Psychics

Based on good reviews, affordability, and availability, we chose the ones that came on top. Being a new space, Mysticsense ensures the advisors are on their A-game - and they are.

There's Advisor Crystal, who handles all life matters.

Cleary is also a master of her field; life path and destiny.

7. Psychic Oz - Best for Astrology Psychic Readings

The two things you'll immediately notice at PsychicOz are fair price ranges and the functional user interface.

The site has all the standard topics plus a few unique ones. We're talking about anything from career forecast psychics to I-Ching psychics.

Thankfully, registration is free at PsychicOz, and the process requires basic stuff like entering your email address.

Special Features and Deals:

  • No prepayment
  • FREE 3 minutes for every new customer
  • A free minute for every reading
  • Anonymity & privacy guaranteed
  • "Notify Me" feature to know when your preferred psychic is available

Finding a Psychic

You can get psychic readings by phone, online chat psychic readings, and email readings. Psychic Source is also highly-rated for its astrology readings, which are accurate and helpful for determining your life path.

We, however, noticed that most of them didn't have the online chat option active.

While the email option isn't always the fastest, we found it efficient in this case. You can pose a question and pay first before getting a response. If 72 hours lapse before getting a response, PsychicOz automatically reimburses your account. You won't wait that long anyway.

The psychic advisors have displayed their specialties, abilities, and tools - so you can find the best one suited to you.

There's also a pre-recorded introduction attached to the profiles, which should help you connect with the right one for your case.

Recommended Psychics

There's an endless list of psychic experts at PsychicOz, but here are a few top-rated ones:

Debra - She specializes in subjects like life path, money, and past life.

One client had this to say about her:

"She had me in tears during our reading. Very accurate and honest reader. She is the real deal. Thanks, Deb!"

Serena - She's also a darling to many and considers herself an empath. She assures clients of accurate readings using her intuitive abilities.

8. LifeReader - Best for Experienced Spiritualists Online

Since 2011, LifeReader has attracted a worldwide audience for its unwavering reputation for authentic readings

For such a site to deliberately hand-select most of their psychic readers - they certainly go for the best.

You'll find clarity on 5 broad topics: tarot card readings, horoscope readings, love and relationship, mind, body spirit, and psychic readings online.

LifeReader assures clients that personal information is kept under utmost confidentiality.

Special Features and Deals:

  • 50% OFF the first reading
  • 4 free chat minutes introductory package
  • First call at $0.19/min for the first 10 minutes
  • Helpful articles concerning spirituality
  • Great package deals

Finding a Psychic

There's a lot of information on the online psychics' profile page that will lead you to your match. They've included information like the number of readings, rate, reviews, price, and contact options.

Recommended Psychics

As always, we go for the highest rated ones like:

Rev Charlie; He has conducted over 15,000 online psychic readings on areas like love & relationship, angelic-guided decisions, and intuitive channeling.

Jacqueline is yet another live coach with a 99% positivity rate. She specializes in love and relationship, career and finance, and past life.

Talk to a Psychic: Types of Medium Readings Online

Tarot Readings 

Tarot readings are one of the most common online psychic readings. 

The online psychic readers use symbolically illustrated tarot cards to see into your life.

Accurate tarot readings don't mean that the psychic advisor will show you your past present, and future in black and white. However, these online tarot readings provide potential predictions and insight into significant happenings in your life.

If you're planning or already undergoing a life-changing transition, you might want to consider tarot card readings.

Aura Readings

Have you ever been told you have good vibes? 

That's your aura. Aura reading means studying and interpreting the human energy field surrounding living beings.


Palm reading entails predicting one's future by studying their palm. 

It involves checking the positioning of the palm's lines, shape, curves, and wrinkles.

Palm readers can also reveal details of one's past lives.


In this popular psychic reading online, the psychic reader uses the astrological chart to determine your life's trajectory.

It's believed that the alignment of terrestrial objects at the time of one's birth directly impacts their whole life.

Retrocognition (Past Lives)

Wouldn't it be nice to know what your past lives have been like? What if you were royalty? Or maybe you were the mean kid in the hood.

If you want to decipher why things are the way they are, you may consider looking into the past to understand the present and future.

Psychic Medium 

These spiritual mediums can evoke the spirits of the dead and connect you two. 

They can communicate with our departed loved ones and deliver messages from beyond. Some of them double up as angel communicators. The psychic advisors connect with your guardian angel to offer you guidance and answers.

Fortune Telling and Crystal Gazing

Undoubtedly the most famous image associated with a psychic reading online is that of a witch or a gypsy gazing into a crystal ball.

Known in older times as "scrying in the spirit vision," crystal gazing is a method to help communicate with the spirits and beings who exist in the astral realms.

Dream Analysis

It was believed by the Ancient Mystics that the astral plane and the world of dreams were one and the same.

Modern Psychology has since drawn similar connections between the dream world and our waking reality. Dream Analysis is the art of interpreting a person's dreams in order to make them more aware of their real-world potential and how to utilize it.

Love Readings

If you haven't found your soul mate or if you have doubts about your partner, a love reading might help clear your mind.

While love tarot reading is the most common method people go for, many psychic readers provide love reading in one form or another − including numerology readings and past life readings.

Chat, Video, or Phone Psychic Readings

As a rule of thumb, video calls are generally better so that the psychic can provide a better read.

That said, if your Internet connection is particularly spotty, it might make the experience unpleasant.

This is why many people decide to go for psychic readings by phone instead. Additionally, phone readings are better for shy people as you won't have to show your face.

Finally, chat reading is ideal if you need help at odd hours or if you have a specific question to which you need an answer on the spot.

Online Psychic Reading vs Local Psychics


If you live in a small town, online psychic reading services provide a unique opportunity to avoid being the source of gossip.

Indeed, not only can you be seen going to your psychic reader, but he or she may even casually drop your name in a conversation without realizing it.


Online psychics are so numerous that you can often find a reputable one and get an appointment fast, whereas psychic readers near you may be overbooked.

Additionally, it's not rare for the best online psychics to help you at odd hours (24/7), which is a great advantage if you need urgent help or if you have a hectic schedule.

Not to mention you won't even have to drive to get there − you'll be comfortably sitting in your living room.


In real life, you have no way to know if a psychic reader is genuine apart from the little word of mouth you get.

Not only does this mean you could get scammed, but that person may even be dangerous.

Most psychic reading sites online provide user reviews for their professionals, which help you choose a competent one.


In this Amazon era, most things are cheaper online.

And the same can be said about psychic readers.

Besides the already-lower prices, you can also get great deals (up to 70% off) on some online psychic reading websites.

If you ask a psychic near you if they do that sort of deal… they'll probably laugh in your face.

Best Website with Real Online Psychics: FAQ

What Is a Psychic Reading?

A psychic reading helps to expand your awareness.

When you find yourself limited by the circumstances and people in your life, a psychic reading online can show you a new way of looking at the world that can open your eyes to more creative and fulfilling possibilities.

Can One Get Genuine Advice from an Online Psychic?

Of course. Even though their online presence gained more traction during the pandemic, the best online psychics have been around for the longest time and have turned out to be of immense help to many.

It's also online that you're likely to find cheap psychic reading offers. 

Case in point, the websites above, like Kasamba, have offers like free minutes and free psychic readings.

What Should I Expect from an Online Psychic Reading?

Be open-minded and realistic.

Accurate psychic readings don't mean the psychic medium should tell you the exact date, time, and gender of the baby you'll conceive. 

Movies may have oversold the whole psychic idea.

You can't gain much if you have a specific agenda, and neither will you if you're explicitly skeptical. To get the most out of these sessions, be open-minded and let the psychic advisor lead the session.

You paid for the guidance, so be still and let the expert take over.

However, leave space for just a little bit of skepticism. It's human nature to be inquisitive without necessarily being rude or trying to prove a point.

Are Psychic Reading Sessions Different?

Yes, psychic reading sessions are very different.

Different psychic advisors have varied areas of specialization. However, some spiritual readings, like tarot readings, for instance, are more popular than others. 

If you can identify the exact point where you need closure or counsel, it'd help a lot to equally narrow down to an expert in that field.

Any Preparation Before Trying Online Psychic Reading Services?

A little knowledge and preparation will undoubtedly make the experience better and more value-packed.

You need to:

  • Have background information - Have a notion of what to expect during the reading
  • Have realistic expectations - The psychic isn't going to see into your future in 3D
  • Check the psychic's reviews & profile - Most psychics, if not all, leave all the necessary information in their bio. Consider areas like the pricing, the psychic's appearance, gender, and everything that may compromise your comfort
  • Ask the right questions - Vague questions won't make the cut. You need to say something like, "I have been having a recurrent dream for such a long time now. What could be the issue?" Avoid questions like "Will I…?" or "Should I…?"
  • Seclude yourself - Distractions may interfere with your aura or the flow of the whole thing

Why Should I Consider Visiting Spiritual Readers Online?

There's a whole list of reasons why you should consider online psychic reading platforms. Some include:

  • Closure
  • Clarity
  • Reassurance
  • Validation
  • Connecting with departed loved ones
  • Connecting with one's past, present, and future
  • Spiritual guidance
  • Aura cleansing

Final Thoughts on Finding the Best Psychic Readers Online

Thanks to the internet, you no longer have to go through dozens of frauds to find a competent psychic.

Not only do you get access to certified professionals with hundreds of customer reviews, but the best psychic reading sites we've reviewed above are also ideal places to reach cheap psychics.

In particular, Psychic Source gives $1/minute psychic readings, which is very cheap considering how good their psychics are.

That said, Kasamba is also a great option to take advantage of the unique 70% discount on your first reading.

Anyway, we have tried out these 8 online psychic reading platforms and highly recommend them for a truly insightful and in-depth reading.

We hope you get the help you need to finally be unstuck in life.

And most importantly − to be yourself again.