TMJ4's new Snowcast app predicts how much snow will fall at your house

As southeast Wisconsin prepares for its first snowfall of the season, many people are probably wondering, 'how much am I going to get in my neighborhood?"
And not only are you wondering how much snow, you'll want to know when it will fall. 
TMJ4 wants to make it easier for you to track alerts and snowfall predictions during any given weather system.
Use our new SnowCast app to see how much snow is predicted to fall in any given area. Just slide your finger along the timeline and see snow totals and the amount expected to fall in a specific amount of time.

The catch?
Of course, this is a forecast based on certain computer data, and no one can predict the future -- yet -- so take this as another tool in your preparedness aresenal, along with the detailed information from the Storm Team 4 weather team. 
Numbers can also change rapidly as the weather system changes. But check it out and give it a spin. 

Right now, the app is only available on Apple devices with Android coming soon. Download it here.


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